music-writing flora and The Secret Life of Plants

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Did you know plants could compose music?

All you have to do is get the kooky idea to wire them up to sensors and electrodes and whatnot in an intentional community in Italy called Damanhur, and voila: Leafed, soil-livin’, sun-chompin’, chlorophyll-wearin’ inanimates use their natural-born electrical impulses to improvise melodies and harmonies.

These wired plants compose songs that sound like … well, nature’s paradise.


Digital Journal wrote about the study and, naturally, VICE Magazine went to check it out.

“Different plants play different genres. Chestnut trees love metal. They are aggressive and violent in style. Birches are the most delicate. They play very sweet music. But you can always jam with them. If you play an instrument yourself, or sing, the plant will go along with you and play off your music.”

The Vice article says Damanhur residents have also trained their wired-up plants to open doors, water themselves with an automated system, and navigate around the room on rolling carts. Hippie science!

Apparently there was a German psychologist in the 1850s named Gustav Theodor Fechner who proposed that plants had a “soul” and that we should talk with them. It’s supposed he made a career lecturing about this, congratulating himself on being the first white dude to figure it out. Meanwhile, all the women he knew, very probably, secretly sang to their plants while he was out of the house.

Our personal Momma still talks to her plants as she waters them. Inside and outside the house. Like they’re children. This always pained us with embarrassment when we were teenaged (naturally), but now we talk to plants too, without even thinking about it.

Ever seen The Secret Life of Plants, a ’70s documentary with soundtrack by Stevie Wonder? Yeah. Three times we’ve played it so far. Watch just how alive life is:

Side note / opinion? These film clips, combined with the Observer Effect in quantum physics, destroys Ayn Rand’s theory of Objectivism.

THIS diva, though.

THIS diva, though.


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