took these beautiful Olek shots - great art photography site.

Olek meets the Billboard Liberation Front

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…to make the girliest street art in American history

This spring, Dutch-New-Yorkian artist Olek liberated a billboard in Oakland … by crocheting over the entire thing. The HuffPo even covered the story. We missed it, but it’s SO GREAT.

photo by Jack Napier of the BLF

a LIBERATED billboard — finally advertising stuff you like.

This is she.

Then, as one does, we checked out other things Olek has been up to, and it turns out she’s got BRASS TUBES.


if you wanT to destroy my sweaterrrrr … that’s the world-famous “Bull” sculpture in front of Wall Street, for those who can’t see thru the girly camo knitwear

Now for the money shots of gorgeousness, via the Arrested Motion art-news-photography site. From a NY opening at Jonathan Levine:

photography via

can’t … imagine … doing … this took these beautiful Olek shots - great art photography site.


Raise your hand if you’ve ever… who, us?… No, never. But we used a beer can once

… and if this doesn’t make you crack a smile, then we dunno what would:



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