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In the days before constant self-surveillance in the form of social media, there were columnists who reported on nightlife. This writer was one of them — in San Francisco, meaning we experienced full-throttle weirdness quite often.

The independent San Francisco Bay Guardian was “Dilettante”‘s home, and this writer’s place of education, before that towering weekly paper was also devoured by millennial supercapitalism.

Straight from the Wayback Machine, and posted with new pictures and introductions, this column called “Dilettante” will soon be here for old readers to revisit and for new readers to see what San Francisco was like at the turn of last century.

When the all-seeing eye of computermaphones had not yet grown Sauron-like, SF’s Mission had not yet been overrun by latter-day dot-commies, and Cacophony still slithered unnoticed through society’s subconscious, San Francisco boiled out hundreds of clever artists from its underground(s). “Dilettante” happens in the days just before temporary autonomous zones, gentrification, and computers changed our lives forever.

this flyer used to be everywhere in our 'hood. it did not end up working. #projectmayhem

this flyer used to be everywhere in our ‘hood.
it did not end up working.

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