Word of the day: “Nuge”

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1. vb.
To retreat in some fashion to a more hermit-like, apocalypse-ready mindset and/or lifestyle: I’ve been stockpiling ammo and Nuge-ing a little bit since Obama took the blue pill and threw the Gulf Coast to the wolves.
[C20: After Ted Nugent, the ’70s rock guitarist who sidestepped futility by espousing extreme hunting and survivalist right-wing paranoia]:

2. vb.
To display survivalist paranoia or an oppressively doomsday manner and/or outlook: When faced with a dinner party guest who’s never heard of Monsanto, it’s hard not to Nuge the conversation into a total bring-down.

3. vb.
To kill and eat animals by one’s own hand: I’ve eaten plenty of chickens and cows in my life, but I think I need to Nuge something in order to understand the true karmic weight of eating meat.

– related:
Nuge out: vb. To act like Ted Nugent in an unspecified fashion: After he got mugged at gunpoint in Oakland, he Nuged out and bought an AR-15 rifle.

—related forms:

Nugey /NOO-jee/
1. adjective
Fascinated with guns, hunting, conspiracy within government, and the false anxiety that outside forces (*ahem* brown people) will somehow deplete one’s resources: Someone so persistently Nugey about the issue of outsourcing telemarketers who “don’t speak American” would not be good company at an Indian buffet.

2. adjective
Possessing Ted Nugent-like qualities, resulting in the loss of popularity or friendship: I had to hide Summer Burkes on Facebook since the Gulf oil spill made her go a little Nugey.

3. adjective
Displaying any sort of hypocritical right-wing or Libertarian mansplainer viewpoint which belies the subject’s past: Nothing’s more Nugey than dodging the draft by shitting your pants and then complaining about “dirty, stinky hippies” who bought your records.

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  1. Not related to the Yiddish: nudge (pronounced nooj like in look):
    “complainer, nagger,” 1960s, from Yiddish, from Slavic words meaning “fret, ache,” realted to the root of nudnik (q.v.).
    Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2010 Douglas Harper

    Slang Dictionary

    nudge definition
    [nʊdʒ] and noodge
    someone who nags. : Sally can be such a nudge!
    Dictionary of American Slang and Colloquial Expressions by Richard A. Spears.Fourth Edition.
    Copyright 2007. Published by McGraw Hill.

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